Here it comes! Brio Up is the culmination of one of the greatest Necta successes of the last 20 years.
Brio Up maintains the exceptional quality of its predecessors when it comes to drinks dispensing, but it brings
to the table a whole host of significant innovations. Brio Up has an elegant and eye-catching design, enhanced
by an innovative, intuitive user interface. It delivers top quality drinks too, thanks to the application of proven
Necta technologies. What’s more, Brio Up offers advanced electronics that makes the machine set up
extremely easy; it has a compact footprint and it scores highly on its quality/price ratio. All things considered,
Brio Up is a great, small machine, which is destined to be recognised as the best in its category.

• New stainless steel boiler which grants the utmost
health safety
• Z3000 Coffee Unit

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