Lever system (approved) -. Lever inrrompible item – Body constructed of materials anti-scratches – Body constructed of corrosion-resistant materials – Bodywork for easy cleaning. (No edges / corners) – Internal Components Stainless (304) -. System Automatic start up when you press the lever – cleaning system internals quick access – All components posibildad Cleaning Dishwasher 90 º c – Includes pick-jar juice in inrrompible item – Motor not sized to raise the internal temperature of the device. (Always squeeze oranges at room temperature).


  • Body material anti
  • corrosion finish chrome silver, chrome gold.


Height 380 cm
Width 180 cm
Lenght 280 cm
Weight 10 Kg
Voltage 230V / 220V / 110V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Phases 1 (single phase)
Rpm 1300/1600
Intensity 2.8 A / 6.2 A
Capacitor 10nF / 40nF
Power 0.50 Hp / 570W
Degree of protection IP21
Motor equipped with thermal protector
Maximum operating time 30min
Start / Stop as standard automatic

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Company founded in 1957 by Pere Cunill. Today run by the second generation of the family Cunill. Cunill Joel learned all the secrets of design and manufacture of coffee grinders working as an apprentice to his father's side. In 1990 Joel Cunill took the witness to today, allowing his hobby became his way of life.
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