Presenting the WMF bistro!

Even more quality, even more design, even more options, steam power, milk power, integrated chocolate and the new Plug & Clean!
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The new innovative milk system for hot and cold drinks makes the difference! Specially creamy flavour – a real experience in taste!


WMF bistro! for the entire world of coffee – always with the perfect quality:

  • Every cup is freshly prepared and offers the greatest coffee enjoyment
  • Coffee variety simply at the press of a button (Espresso, Ristretto, Café Crème, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Café Latte)
  • Thanks to a high hourly output, many guests can be served simultaneously.
  • Another type of coffee (e.g. decaffeinated coffee) can be prepared using the manual insert.
  • Height-adjustable spout for individual and double cups and pots
  • Exemplary user interface with a display and simple button layout
  • The milk froth concept ensures for a consistently fine-pored and firm milk froth quality
  • Individual programming of up to 16 coffee varieties in the standard configuration
  • Optional in up to three different coffee sizes (e.g. small, medium, large)
  • Optional with chocolate function
  • Fully automatic cleaning programme
  • Optimally matched accessories (under-counter cooler, sub-cooler, cupboard, Cup & Cool)



  • 1 coffee grinder, without steam, milk foamer, hot water
  • Hourly capacity
  • Power supply
  • 300 espresso, 200:220 Cafe Creme, 200:220 Cappuccino
  • 230 V / 3.3 Kw
  • Width x Height x Depth = 450mm x 733mm x 555mm
  • Chocolate hopper
  • With steam
  • With illumination
  • Plug & Clean
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About brand
WMF is the leading international manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines. Every coffee system is unique in itself and a specialist for meeting individual needs. To this date all of the WMF coffee machines are being manufactured in Geislingen and can therefore pride themselves on being MADE IN GERMANY. The entire of the WMF coffee machines product range covers a unique spectrum that truly offers everyone a customised machine. Whether the focus is on the latest specialities or on high cup capacities, whether hot or cold milk foam or milk toppings are asked for - at WMF, the coffee machine fittings are centred on you and never the other way around.
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