This counter has been designed following DGD’s new aesthetic lines and, besides provding performance equal to their other products, its style is sparkling new and wont’s fail to surprise.
Visibility, absolutely essential in the cake trade, was one of the main aspects taken into consideration when this counter was designed and undoubtedly the result will be appreciated by our customers and yours.
All materials that come into contact with food are either glass or stainless steel hence guaranteeing maximum hygiene there where the goods are kept and displayed.


Model ARCO 150 ARCO 200 ARCO 250 ARCO 300
Total Absorbed Power (without accessories)
Static (Built-in unit)
W 830 991 1237 1303
Total Absorbed power (without accessories)
Static (without unit)
W 1140 1525 2020 2475
Power absorbed by lighting (without accessories) W 120 160 240 220
Refrigerated display area m2 1.47 1.96 2.45 2.94
Display area at room temperature m2 0.72 0.96 1.02 1.44
Lenght (incl. Side-walls) (Side-wall 5 cm thick) cm 154 202 250 298
Useful powers for remote groups, yeld in Watt to -10°C W 570 760 950 1140
Total weight (with packing) Kg 180 240 300 360

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DGD has been working in industrial refrigeration since 1979. In recent years, the sole target of its on-going commitment to research and development has been to design the highest quality products. Today the company devotes more resources to this policy than ever as it invests in the finest materials, extensive planning, and research into avant-garde design. Its vast range of chilling counters, cabinets, and cold-storage cells is built around this solid framework in order to meet any requirement.
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