MCM 2500 – MCM 2800 – MCM 3200

MCM drying ironer is available on four versions:

  • MCM STD: frontal entry and exit of the linen
  • MCM RE: the operator can choose at any time the exit side of the linen
  • MCM PF: the operator can choose the exit side (frontal or rear) and the primary folding;
  • MCM FE: standard feeder with suction, selecting exit side and primary folding

IMESA drying ironers MCM have been designed to satisfy the needs of hotels, restaurants, retirement homes, hospitals and any other facility that needs fresh cleaned and ironed linen.

All models are available with electric, gas or steam heating (consistent to Directive 97/23/CE PED).

Microprocessor Color Touchscreen IM10 adjusts the ironing speed according to the temperature variation with incomparable results; once the linen most suitable parameters are chosen, the program can be saved, named and recalled again in the future when needed. In case of ironers equipped with folding system, the program considers and saves the type of folding.

The ironer has a system that store the number of working hours and help diagnosis in case of maintenance.

The hand safety bar is all length long and the user can count on total protection without worries. In addition, there are two emergency stop buttons on each side can be easily reached if needed to immediately stop the ironer. On IMESA drying ironers, no moving parts are reachable during the ironing cycle and the operator can count on total protection.

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