EVO Display Refrigerator with ventilated refrigeration (also available in neutral and HOT Version). Ideal for displaying pastries, deli, dairy and meats.

More than 90 standard color combinations

EVO Display Refrigerators is suitable not only for pastry products. Thanks to Its well dimensioned cooling system makes it the ideal solution to display pre-packed foods, sandwiches and cold dishesNew version EVO HOT can reach +65°C to mantain hot food as freshly baked.
With its elegant and simple design, result of the aesthetic DGD lines, this model is an excellent solution for satisfying the different customers requests. This is possible thanks to its flexibility and modularity (EVO is available in the following lengths: 60-90-120-150-180 cm). The panoramic curved glasses and the 3 refrigerated shelves equipped with lighting, together with the upper lighting, give a great visibility to the shown products.
EVO is available with built in or remote condensing unit, equipped with R404A valve.

Standard set-up:

  • 3 glass shelves adjustable in height with neon lighting
  • Upper lighting
  • Electronic control panel
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Automatic water evaporation
  • Wooden crate packing


  • Set of wheels


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DGD has been working in industrial refrigeration since 1979. In recent years, the sole target of its on-going commitment to research and development has been to design the highest quality products. Today the company devotes more resources to this policy than ever as it invests in the finest materials, extensive planning, and research into avant-garde design. Its vast range of chilling counters, cabinets, and cold-storage cells is built around this solid framework in order to meet any requirement.
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