First Class Digital Gas Combi Steam Oven 5 Trays EN 600×400 or GN 1/1

  • All the ovens in our range are fitted with easy to clean double glass doors designed to evacuate hot air from the inter-glass cavity.
  • Halogen Lamps with anti shock glass ensure an excellent illumination of all trays.
  • The injection of water is studied to produce maximum nebulization, optimizing it.
  • The cavity seal is made of high temperature resistant material.
  • The double chimney allows more effective extraction of the fumes and makes steaming an exceptionally versatile method of cooking. Only available in the digital ovens.
  • Your oven continues working for you even after you have already finished working! The Eco Cleaning system spares you from long and tiring manual cleaning with just one command. The integrated automatic washing system ensures thorough cleanliness without the presence of the operator, sanitizing the interior of the oven chamber, and minimizing the consumption of water, detergent and brightener. Eco Cleaning system keeps your oven in optimal condition and extends its working life, more durability over time with minimum effort in maintenance.


Outside dimensions: 900x740x700 (WxDxH)
Load capacity: 5 trays EN 600×400 or GN 1/1
Space between trays: 70 mm
Maximum power consumption: 0,4 + 9,5 V/Kw
Temperature: 0 – 280 °C
Equipped with: – Manual stop cooking programmer 0-120′
– Electronic direct steam injection
– Nr.2 motors with reversing gear
– Internal lighting with n. 2 halogen lamp
Weight: 120 Kg

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