Gas and electric models are available for the half single bath module (19.5lt) or double bath (8+8 lt), and in the integral double bath module (19.5+19.5lt). Deep-formed AISI 304 stainless steel baths, smooth edges that make cleaning easier. Patented system for smoke exhausting and ducting into an exchanger that is installed in the bath, increasing the machine performance. Wide cool area for oil filtering in specific small baths.


Model Dimensions
Kw Lt
7FTG1L 400 900 900 18.5 19.5
7FTG1LC 400 900 900 17.4/400V/3N 21
7FTG1RC 400 900 900 12 8+8
7FTG2L 400 900 900 14/400V/3N 8+8
7FTG2RC 800 900 900 37 19.5+19.5
7FTG2LRC 800 900 900 34.8/400V/3N 21+21

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About brand
The activity of Desco began in 1981 in Reggio Emilia with the creation of professional kitchens and machinery for the food industry. begins In 2005 the company carried out: acquired by ILSA spa, a major player in the field of refrigeration and preparation static , move a part of the production plant in the province of Treviso, beginning his ascent phase, culminating in 2007 with the presentation of the new look Desco, new image and new brand to witness the passion and the desire to innovate. In 2008 the factory has finally moved to San Fior di Treviso and Desco goes right between the most important companies in its sector, specializing in the production and supply of cooking lines and ovens, refrigeration equipment, the static preparation, washing and self-service.
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