Magellano Digital

From 4 to 10 trays, Magellano Digital ovens are a solid support for your everyday challenges. Load all of your recipes and set your cooking phases to add a personal touch to every creation.


Available in a wide range of sizes from 4 to 20 trays, the Magellano and Magellano Plus lines has been studied to satisfy the needs of the client that requires the flexibility to cook with steam but with the reliability and simplicity of a mechanical product.

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About brand
We believe cooking needs to retain its essential nature as art, passion and pleasure. For us at Piron, this means simplifying cooking operations, reducing running costs to a minimum and maximising the speed and quality of the end result. We want to free every cook of all their concerns and spread the passion for good cooking so they can offer their customers a gastronomic experience of the utmost quality.
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