UB-E4/8 – 73- 1/2” High, 30- 1/8” Wide, 36” Deep
1867 mm High, 765 mm Wide, 914 mm Deep
NU-VU’s UB-E4/8 oven/proofer features our
patented V-AIR ® System in the oven.

The heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven cavity by the fan located in the top of the oven which blows the air down the inside walls of the cavity and up and out through the holes at each shelf.

This gives your product an even bake, top to bottom, side to side and front to back without ever turning pans.

The proofer portion of the UB-E4/8 comes standard with a manual humidity system.

The UB-E4/8 has a capacity of 4 full size or 8 half size pans in the oven and 8 full size or 16 half size pans in the proofer.

These units also feature mount doors, which means no sagging or leaking. Lift hinges allow for easy cleaning. The lighted oven and proofer compartments make it easy for you to do sight baking and without having to open the doors, disturbing the internal temperatures.

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NU-VU Foodservice Systems, is the recognized leader in “On-Premise Baking”. As The Bakery Equipment Division of Middleby Corporation, along with Doyon Baking Equipment Specialists, we manufacturer a wide variety of commercial baking equipment for use in all types of foodservices, supermarkets, and convenience stores. NU-VU products include baking ovens, oven-proofers, proofers, pizza ovens, and even smokers and cook n hold ovens. NU-VU oven/proofers, used extensively worldwide in national chains for over 25 years, provide a complete “baking center” in one unit. With more than 25,000 units sold worldwide and counting, we are the industry standard for “On-Premise Baking”.
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