Pineapple peeling machines;used in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, fruıterer departmants etc.,are designed to remove the shell and core of pineapples with a single movement without requiring more power.


General Features

Pineapple peel and the pineapple’s core the possibility of seperation with a single movement . Simple and easy to use.


Easily disassembly and cleaned blade

All parts in contact with the product quality 304 stainless steel and food standards are made of polyethylene material. Preventing the fall of the driving mechanism for security system.


Technical Specifications

  • Weight : 14.5 kgs
  • Width : 540 mm
  • Depth : 500 mm
  • Height : 680 mm lower arm position
  • 1150 mm higher arm position
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Our company was founded in 1960 by our late father Salih Ozuugurlu in Ankara City and started with repairing fruit extractors and presses as well as kitchen equipments. At the same 1960 company started citrus fruit juicers production and, being consisten with quality principle and faultless and durable replacement parts supplying service to achive customer satisfaction, our company had became one of the long lasting fruit juicers manufacturers. Thakns to customer satisfaction policy based on high quality standards, our brand is most preferred one among analogues.
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