The evolution of the species.

BIRO3 is the 3rd generation of the Brio tabletop range from Necta. With more capacity and features plus a new design, the BIRO3 is an evolution of the well-known Brio concept matching with latest customer requirements and market trends. Increased cup capacity, latest technology and high flexibility are the key words of the new BIRO3.

CAPACITY: 300 cups, up to 7 canisters with different volumes, larger perfectly balanced waste containers.

TECHNOLOGY: extremely flexible and complete 16-bit electronic control, which is compatible with the PC application Flash. This allows downloading of sales statistics (also in EVA-DTS format), software updating and cloning of existing setups through the Up-Key or a palmtop connected via an RS232 interface. Executive and MDB protocols.
Z 3000 espresso brewer and Necta mixers: another guarantee for optimum drink quality.

FLEXIBILITY:master/slave connection with Snakky and Snakky SL with combined selections and only one payment system..


  • 20 litre water tank kit
  • Basic base cabinet
  • Equipped base cabinet
  • Plinth to heighten the base cabinet (with accessories for banking)
  • Master/slave kit (Brio3 + Snakky bank)
  • Irda kit
  • Jack RS232 kit
  • Filter kit


Height 760 mm
Overall height with top panel lifted 1030 mm
Width 540 mm
Depth 585 mm
Overall depth with door open 1000 mm
Delivery area height 120 mm
Base cabinet height 800 mm
Weight 67 kg
Power supply voltage 230 V
Power supply frequency 50 Hz
Installed power 1.3 kW ES
2.4 kW IN
Water mains pressure with 3/4″ gas male connection
0.5 to 8.5 bar
6 ES / 7 IN
Preselection buttons 2
Selections 12
Cups (Ø 70-71 mm) 300*
Stirrers (95/105 mm) 255
Sugar 2.2 Kg
Coffee beans 1.8 Kg
Instant coffee 0.6 Kg
Milk 0.9 Kg
Chocolate 2.3 Kg
Tea 2.35 Kg
Espresso boiler 0.3 litres
Instant boiler 3.8 litres
Solid waste capacity 260 cakes
Liquid waste capacity 2.75 litres

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