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Kikko is the first vending machine for hot and cold drinks manufactured by Necta with a height of only 1700 mm – a solution conceived for small to medium locations. However, the Kikko’s performance is certainly not penalised by its compact size as, due to the standard Necta components and to the adopted innovations, the drink quality satisfies even the most demanding customer – who can choose from the many selections offered by Kikko.


Kikko is pre-set for the installation of systems with Executive, BDV and MDB protocol as well as for installation of validators.
At the same time, the following can be fitted:

  • Change-giver, validator or coin mechanism.
  • Bill acceptor.
  • Cashless system with key or card.
  • Change-giver, validator or coin mechanism.


  • Lid for coin box kit
  • Cup sensor kit
  • Cup station lamp kit
  • 20 litre water tank kit
  • Still cooling unit kit (for powders)
  • Master/slave kit (Kikko&Snakky/Snakky SL)
  • Rear panel kit (rear covering for banking Kikko with Snakky/Snakky SL)
  • RS232 jack kit
  • Resin softener unit kit
  • Instructions pocket kit
  • Mechanical selections counter kit
  • Heater for powders conveyor kit
  • Free vend key


Height 1700 mm
Width 540 mm
Depth 690 mm
Overall depth with door open 1120 mm
Overall height with top panel lifted 1985 mm
Weight 115 kg approx.
Power supply voltage 230 V
Power supply frequency 50 Hz
Installed power 1800 W
Water mains pressure
(with 3/4″ gas male connection)
0.5 to 8.5 bar
Cups (Ø 70-71 or 73-74 mm) 500
Stirrers (length 95/105 mm) 450
Espresso version containers 6
Instant version containers 7
Espresso boiler 0.6 l
Instant boiler 2 l
Coin box 1100 coin approx.

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