SNAKKY MAX FOOD is capable of dispensing a large number of snacks, and at the same time is fitted with fresh food products disposed on a minimum of 2 till a maximum of 4 trays, which maintain a temperature lower than 4°C, while the three upper trays are reserved to snack products with a temperature between 8° and 15°C. The Snakky Max Food machine is suitable also for operation under normally adverse environmental conditions. The anti-condensation system ensures optimum visibility of the products with a maximum external temperature of 32°C and 65% relative humidity. Furthermore, the anticondensation system also eliminates moisture from the product dispensing compartment. Thanks to the proper kit it is possible to dispense bread sticks 22.5 to 30 cm long, in addition to the standard triangular sandwiches.


  • Kit to block dispensing compartment
  • Photocell kit (standard)
  • Master/slave kit
  • Bidirectional drawer motors kit
  • Coin box cover kit
  • Wall mounting bracket kit
  • RS232 jack kit
  • GSM kit


Height 1830 mm
Width 735 mm
Depth 855 mm
Overall depth with door open 1350 mm
Weight 225 kg ca.
Power supply voltage 230 V
Power supply frequency 50 Hz
Installed power 560 W
Refrigerant R 134a
Maximum operating conditions 32° C – 65% U.R.

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