An electric water boiler, also called an electric jug, thermo pot, electric kettle, hot water dispensers, hot water dispenser, is a consumer electronics small appliance used for boiling water and maintaining it at a constant temperature. It is typically used to provide an immediate source of hot water for making tea, hot chocolate, coffee, instant noodles, or baby formula, or for any other household use where clean hot water is required. They are a common component of Japanese kitchens, and the kitchens of many East Asian countries but are found in varying use globally. Some thermo pots are designed with a feature that can purify water.

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The core business activity of the company is to manufacture commercial kitchen equipments. The brand name used by the company is ARISCO. Arisco products has been exported to over 60 countries in 2011. To become a single source supplier for our customers, product range of the company also includes commercial kitchen equipments manufactured by other leading factories of the industry as well.
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