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An indissoluble bond that has always united the company and the Brema family to a world of transversal charm, all to be discovered.
There are over 30 years of pure Made in Italy engineering knowledge in what we create. A savoir faire that is revealed in the construction of our ice machines

Designed to fulfill your needs

Brema Ice Makers aim to contribute to a more sustainable future.

We respect the environment and those who live in it. With our choices, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future, and this is why we design professional ice makers that are “designed for the environment”. The latest introduction is the study of new gases, including R290 (Propane) and R744 (Carbon Dioxide).(Anidride Carbonica). For Brema Ice Makers, sustainability is not limited only to the product, it is much more: it is also a production process, and above all it is respect for People and the Environment..