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With its complete range of Automatic, Impulse and Semi-automatic coffee machines, Necta offers a huge choice of products and associated services. From small offices to coffee lounges, from busy locations up to public installations every specific need is fully satisfied.

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Necta is consolidated experience, unparalleled quality, reliability and constant innovation

Necta is a combination of experience, unparalleled quality, reliability and constant innovation. Each Necta product is a concentrate of advanced technology, elegant design, versatility and high performance. Necta has vending machines, which supply superb hot drinks; the freestanding Impulse, which offers an incredible variety of packed products and super-automatic coffee machines dedicated to the Horeca sector, which guarantee exceptional beverages. Our widespread presence in the field, our unparalleled customer service and prompt after-sales service are additional indicators of the true excellence of the Necta brand.

Necta Brand